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Market research

Export your potential: get opportunities and increase your sales

In the business world, every choicestrategiccan make the difference between thesustainable growthand stagnation. From Univer, we elaboratesearchesof markets to measure so that I takeisinformed decisions.


Identification of opportunities

Discover unexplored niches and emerging trends that can transform your business.
Knowledge about the target
Get detailed information about their needs, challenges and preferences.
Competitive advantage
 Understand your competition and their position in the market to provide a clear view.


An own work methodology created based on our ten years of experience in the market. We know how to produce market research that has a real impact on your company, these are the precise steps we take to guarantee results.

Definition of objectives

We define the research objectives together.

We choose the most appropriate research method, determine the sample and the methodology.

Research design

We collect all the necessary information through the selected methodology.

Data collection

Imagen Principal_edited.jpg


La restauración colectiva en Cataluña

El estudio más exhaustivo sobre los servicios de colectividades

Comedores escolares


Centros penitenciarios




Why Univer?

We have a multi-sectoral team specialized in marketing and sales
We look for solutions that promote a sustainable economy
We provide a holistic view in each of our studies
We provide a holistic view in each of our studies

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