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Client portfolio management

Optimize your business growth

We transform data into opportunities, and connections into lasting relationships. Discover the power of making informed decisions, drive retention and turn every interaction into an opportunity for continuous growth.

Customer retention
We meet the expectations and needs of customers to strengthen loyalty and achieve continuous income over time
Resource optimization
We segment and classify the customer portfolio to help efficiently allocate company resources
Increase in income and profitability
We identify opportunities for additional sales, upselling or cross-selling. To increase the profitability of the company

Customer management

An own work methodology created based on our ten years of experience in the market. We know how to develop customer management so that they have a real impact on your sales, these are the precise steps we take to guarantee results and customer loyalty.

Definition of objectives

We set clear goals for managing the client portfolio, including client retention, growth and satisfaction.

We classify and segment customers based on criteria such as value, behavior and needs to personalize strategies.

Customer identification

Data collection and analysis

We collect relevant data about customers to identify opportunities and trends

Campaign monitoring

For us, transparency is an essential aspect, which is why our clients have four ways to observe our work.

Through a shared calendar we will bring you the agenda of new meetings with potential clients, in this way we will ensure your availability, good organization and easy management.

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Why Univer?

Because you will be able to focus on other areas, skills and key activities of your company.
We have the necessary knowledge to provide unbeatable customer service and we know how to do good data analysis.
Reduce costs, with Univer you will manage to cut costs in half
We provide you with access to technologies that improve operational efficiency and enable better customer management

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